Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Luck Kyle! We Are All Very Proud Of You!

My oldest nephew, Kyle Draper, ships out to Fort Knox, Kentucky today where for the next 9 weeks he will be receiving his U.S. Army Basic Training. His enlistment in the Army came as a great surprise to me... a week ago yesterday my Mom called to let me know that they were on the road & going to Kyle's going away party and would not be home to get my weekly Sunday afternoon call - she didn't want me to call, get no answer & wonder where they were. "Where's Kyle going?" I asked. "Oh, I thought I told you, he enlisted in the army." Well that's a very short version of the conversation.

After graduating from basic training, he well get to come home for 10 days and then ship out to Maryland for training as a tank repairman - at least as far as I have been told, anyway. Then after that.... is anyone's guess, but we are pretty sure, he will at some time during his enlistement wind up in Iraq.
I am, along with the rest of his family, very proud of him. Where ever he goes, we hope he will be kept from harm's reach, and anxiously wait for his safe return home. If ever he needs anything, I well do everything with in my power, to move heaven & hearth, to make sure he gets what ever it is he needs. And I will always be there, with words of support and encouragement.

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