Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Parentage of Darius Rogers

The exact relationship between Darius Rogers and Richard Higgins Rogers is unknown. Darius is listed in the household of Richard and Tabitha Rogers in the 1850 Federal Census, unfortunately the 1850 census, the first to include names of all household members, did not list the relationship of the people residing within a common dwelling to the head of household. Tabitha Baker can be positively ruled out as the mother of Darius Rogers. Per the 1850 census he was 19 years of age, placing his date of birth about 1831, 2 years before the marriage of Richard H. Rogers to Tabitha Baker on 27 APR 1833. He is not found on any other census after 1850. Further evidence that Tabitha Baker is not the mother of Darius Rogers comes from the 1900 Federal census when she is listed as having had 8 children, if Darius was included as a child of Richard & Tabitha Rogers he would have been the eldest of 9. Therefor, I am forced to make two hypotheses; the first that Darius Rogers may have been the son of a previous marriage between Richard H. Rogers and an as yet unknown woman, thus making Tabitha Baker his 2nd wife and step-mother to Darius. The 2nd is that Darius Rogers is a close relative to Richard H. Rogers, possibly orphaned as a child and raised by Richard & Tabitha Rogers.

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