Monday, July 20, 2009

Website Address Change

Hello all... the recent downturn in the economy his hit all of us in one way or another. Many of you who read this blog may already know that Gregg has been unemployed since January. Consequently, money is tight, and therefore I have made the very hard decision to move my personal website from a paid (and advertizing free) service to a free service (with advertizements). Therefore, the URL for my personal website has changed to Please update your bookmarks accordingly.
Also please know that pages on that service are limited to 2o, therefore many things which previously had their own pages on the old site will be moving to this blog, such as recipes and reviews, and I will link to them from there. So you may see a flurry of various postings in the next few weeks as I upload said material to this blog. In the mean time thanks for your patience.

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