Monday, January 18, 2010

Layered Lettuce Salad

1 Head Lattice
1 C. Celery, Diced
4 Eggs, Hard Boiled & Sliced
1 10 oz. Package Frozen Peas
1/2 C. Green Pepper, Diced
1 Sweet Onion, Diced
8 Slices of Bacon, Fried and Diced
2 C. Mayonnaise
2 T. Sugar
4 Oz. Grated Cheddar Cheese

Tear lettuce into bite sized pieces and put in 9 x 13" glass dish. Layer rest of ingredients in order given. Add sugar to Mayonnaise and pour over top like frosting. Top with grated cheese. Cover and refrigerate 8-12 hours.

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