Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gregg's Top Secret Spinach Dip

1- 8 oz. pkg. thawed CHOPPED spinach
1- 8 oz.. pkg. cream cheese
1- 16 0z. container sour cream
1 box (2 pkgs.) regular Lipton Onion soup mix
3 tsps. of low sodium Wyler's Chicken bullion
I/2 c, Planters Sunflower Seeds (or, mix it up with differing types!)
1/4 c. lemon juice

Blend wet ingredients together, liberally sprinkling with lemon juice, Fold in dry ingredients until dip is complete; garnish with fresh parsley and Spanish paprika. Serving options include home-made croutons, flavored crackers, breads (including bread torn from the serving bowl), pretzels, or whatever suites your sense of occasion. The ease of the recipe allows you to make it fun or fancy; all of these works are meant be "jumping off" places. Make it YOUR recipe and don't be afraid to play.

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Anonymous said...

It's delicious!!!! =^..^=