Saturday, May 27, 2006

552 Pictures

Last night, or should I say, very early this morning I finished scannind Dad's photo album. All Together there were 552 pictures that I scanned. Phase one is now complete. Now on to Phase 2, which is trimming them down (I got a bit of the white edges around the pictures that I need to crop off), and labeling. And at a tolal of 705 MB it will not fit onto 1 CD - so I'll need to split it up onto 2 disks. I plan on making myself a copy, Wanda, Troy, Sheri & Bernie and one for Nitie. I'll take blank CD's to the family reunion and any one who wants copies we can burn them at Nitie's house.

Speaking of the family reunion... I am really looking forward to it. I didn't see most of the Miller family often before I moved to Tennessee and now I don't see them at all - so I'm really looking forward for the opportunity to play catch up with every one. I've also created family tree charts for my my Grandma & Grandpa Miller, and hope to have a descendant's chart printed as well. And that's why I wanted to scan Dad's photo album too. Well I've wanted copies of the pictures for years, but sending them off to photo labs is scary - no knowing if they'll be lost... and to have negatives & prints/enlargements of 552 pictures would be damned expensive... that thankfully digital imaging has come a long way in a few short years.

A few years ago I thought of myself as a die-hard film/camera person - I couldn't ever imagine going completely digital - and I was horrified to hear that Kodak would eventually no longer manufacture film or film camera's. But technology has advanced so much. I love my digital camera and use it almost exclusively. I don't get my SLR camera out very often at all - but there are still things that a film camera can do that a digital camera can't - but I imagine that is but a short time until that is no longer an issue and film camera's will be museum pieces. Until then I'm satisfied to use both.

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