Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A New Beginning

Okay, I'm going to try blogging again... previous attemps at keeping an online journal have failed miserably for either one reason or another. I do think I need a spot on my website where I can put the ordinary details of my daily life as well as share a few details with distant friends and family... though distance can some times separate us, we can span the distance of miles with the electronic super highway as a bridge.

I went home last week for a brief visit. Stays at home in Iowa are short and never seem long enough to see every one and do everything that I want to do while I'm there. I did stop at Half Price Books & Pensey's Spices in Des Moines - what's a trip home without stopping there. Dropped about $30 at the book store and could have doubled or trippled it. I also stopped at Terrible's Casino in Osceola and donated my $20 in about 25 minutes of sitting in front of the quarter Wheel Of Fortune slot machine - I did managed to make the wheel spin once so I was happy... I'd have been happier if I had come out ahead instead of loosing my entire $20 bill... but oh well.

We then had a picnick at East Lake Park on Sunday and with Mom & Dad, Wanda's family & Troy's family. I took lots of pictures with my digital camera. And we planned our trip up to Nitie's next month for the Miller Family reunion... I will leave here after work on Wednesday night on June 7th, stop for the Night at Metropolis, IL and then drive the rest of the way up through Illinois (the state the never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends) and home to Mom & Dad's - then I'll ride up to Valley Springs, SD with Mom & Dad on Friday and then back down with Troy, Robin & family on Sunday. Then the long journey back to Tennessee via St. Louis on Monday and a day off of work to rest & recouperate on Tuesday. I'll need it.

When I was home last week I borrowed Dad's photo album so that I could scan all the pictures. I've been scanning for a week now and have scanned 26 of 62 pages in the album so far consisting of 229 pictures so far. My goal is to have all the pictures in the album scanned and have available for the Miller family reunion in June at Nitie's house in Valley Springs, SD.


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your information on family history on the Hatch's.
I will check back.

Jim Miller said...

Thanks... I'm glad that you've found the Hatch family information helpful... I am always more than happy to share any genealogical info that I have. Have not done much in the way of further research on the Hatch family at this time... please feel free to contact me off site if you are interested in the Hatch genealogy.