Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Carter House

I went to Franklin, Tennessee today and visited The Carter House, which was at the center fo the tragic and bloody 5 hour battle on November 30, 1864.

Had an excellant tour guide by the name of Thomas who gave us a very colorful and informative tour of the house and grounds, going so far at one point in to tour outside the house pointing to various places, giving the rank and unit of a soldier who died on "X" spot. Including a soldier from Walter Partridge's regiment, the 36th Illinois Infantry.

Thomas also told us the story of the 27 people, the Carter family, servants, and neighbors, who took refuge from the boiling hell of the battle in the basement of the house, as well as a story relating to the father of World War II general Douglas MacArthur. And lastly the story of the Carter's son, Captian Todd Carter who made his first return home after marching off to war 3 1/2 years earlier only to be mortally wounded within sight of the house he was born in and in which he would die 2 days later surrounded by his sorrowful family.

This was the second time I have visited The Carter House. I don't remember much from the first tour, but Thomas certainly made my second visit a memorable one. I was going to compliment him after I was finished walking the grounds of the house, but a man in the tour group that went into the house immediately after my tour was finished had a medical emergency.... while in the gift shop the only thing I heard was "He doen't look good and needs to get to a hospital." So I didn't get to tell Thomas how very much I enjoyed the tour.

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