Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Our New Sofa

On Sunday Gregg and I went to the new Haverty's Furniture store at The Avenue (a new shopping complex that was built on ground where heavy fighting took place during the Battle of Stones River, and has been open for a year now) and ordered a new sofa to replace the black leather behemouth that we had before. Of course the one we both immediately picked out, sitting just inside the front door of the store, was 4 inches too wide to go where we wanted. I had two other choices in mind. Gregg picked this one... it wasn't my first choice, but he likes it, and to be honest the only thing I really dislike about it is the piping.... I wish that it came with piping the same color as the fabric. But it is microsuede and was on sale for $599 I purchased my reading chair from Haverty's last year and am very happy with it, so I'm sure once I finish painting the living room and we get the new carpet down it'll be great!

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